Supertone and Megatone Horns

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    Supertone and Megatone Horns: Penetrating Sound and Attractive Design

    Make your presence known: On account of their size and power, Supertone horns have a very high sound pressure level. Thanks to their appealing design, these Bosch horns are also suitable for fitting to the outside of vehicles.

    Supertone Horns


    • Harsh, penetrating sound for long distances
    • Unrestricted sound propagation to the front
    • Solid mechanical design
    • Microporous Teflon filter for pressure equalization
    • Weather-proof material
    • Not affected by rust and flying stones
    • With EC and ECE approval

    Technical Data

    • Volume: 110 dB (A) at a distance of 2 m
    • EMC protection

    Areas of Application

    • Cars, SUV, Pick-ups, Buses, Motorcycles above 50 cc, Official vehicles

    Megatone Horns


    • Powerful, long-range acoustic signal
    • Attractive design: Chrome-plated high-grade grille, suitable for fitting at visible locations
    • Totally reliable operation
    • Top quality diaphragm and contacts
    • With EU type approval

    Technical Data

    • Volume: 118 dB (A)
    • EMC protection

    Areas of Application

    • Cars, SUV, Pick-ups, Buses, Trucks
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