Silicone-Copper Program

Silicone-Copper Program
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    Bosch Silicone-Copper Ignition Cables: reliable high-performance.

    Bosch Silicone-Copper ignition cables combine the high conductivity of copper with the safety of 100 % silicone insulation. These quality products are essential for vehicles that have been factory-fitted with copper-core cables.

    If non-copper cables are fitted, there is a serious risk of electronic malfunctions in other systems within the vehicle. Bosch not only supplies replacement cables of the necessary quality: we actually provide the original cables for many of the world’s leading manufacturers.


    With over 500 products in our range, we can supply cables that meet or exceed the manufacturers’ specifications for more than 90 % of all the vehicles on in the global market.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Outer cable and grommet sheath made from 100 % silicone for more protection
    • Polyester extrusion for extremely break-proof and heat-resistant spark plug contact
    • Double silicone insulation for excellent temperature stability and isolation resistance
    • Protects both the engine and the catalytic converter