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Bosch automotive bulbs overview

Applications at a glance

Applications of all Bosch automotive bulbs at a glance

URL: http://aa.bosch.de/aa/de/static/produkte/lichttechnik/fahrzeuglampen/detail_verwendungsuebersicht.htm

Vehicle lighting safety tips

Safety tips and symbols

Vehicle lighting safety tips and symbols

URL: http://aa.bosch.de/aa/de/static/produkte/lichttechnik/fahrzeuglampen/flTipps.htm

The Bosch star scheme for automotive bulbs

Star scheme from Bosch

The Bosch star scheme for automotive bulbs – the right bulb for every vehicle type and requirement at a glance

URL: http://aa.bosch.de/aa/de/static/produkte/lichttechnik/fahrzeuglampen/detail_sternekonzept.htm

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    Xenon lamps: almost as bright as day

    The advantages of the Xenon lamps from Bosch are obvious at first sight: increased light and safety. Xenon gas-discharge lamps generate brilliant light using an arc between two perfectly positioned electrodes. The result:

    • Extremely high visibility thanks to high light yield
    • Lower energy consumption compared to conventional bulbs – benefiting the environment and your pocket
    • Long service life – often longer than the entire service life of a vehicle

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