Xenon Blue/ Xenon Silver

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Vehicle lighting safety tips and symbols

The Bosch star scheme for automotive bulbs

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The Bosch star scheme for automotive bulbs – the right bulb for every vehicle type and requirement at a glance

URL: http://aa.bosch.de/aa/de/static/produkte/lichttechnik/fahrzeuglampen/detail_sternekonzept.htm

  • Product information

    Xenon Blue and Xenon Silver Halogen bulbs with elegant lighting effects

    Xenon Blue: White-blue light throughout the entire service life

    • Generates white-blue, xenon-like light for halogen headlamps with an elegant effect
    • Pleasant light tone that is easy on the eye
    • Greater reflection of road signs and markings
    • Earlier recognition of obstructions

    Xenon Silver: Intense white halogen light impresses with its increased light and brightness:

    • White light similar to daylight
    • Automotive bulbs in premium design
    • Up to 50% greater illumination of the road compared to standard halogen bulbs

  • Application

    Xenon Blue

    Used as:

    • Headlamp bulb
    • Stop lamp/tail lamp/parking light
    • License plate light
    • Interior light

    Xenon Silver

    Used as:

    • Headlamp bulb
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