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Unique expertise in series remanufacturing

Bosch eXchange offers a complete exchange program for diesel injection systems, with a total of more than 1,000 products. The competence, development and production of Bosch series remanufacturing are all concentrated in certified Bosch plants. Bosch eXchange is unique as an exchange program in offering an as-new guarantee on remanufactured parts.

Bosch eXchange stands for quality without compromise.

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Bosch Car Service

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  • Product Information

    The complete Bosch eXchange program for diesel injection systems

    With more than 1,000 products for diesel injection systems, Bosch eXchange provides workshops with a unique exchange program for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

    - Nozzle-and-holder assemblies

    - Distributor pumps, mechanically and electronically controlled

    - UIS Unit injection systems

    - Common rail high-pressure pumps and injectors

    - UPS Unit pump systems

    - Hot-film air mass meters

    - Denoxtronic supply modules (exhaust gas treatment)

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